Glass Ceiling and its Effect on Women Performance at Work: A Fifield Research on Women in Political Parties in Sulaimani


  • Zhiya Abas Qader Social Work Department, College of Arts, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Glass Ceiling, women performance at work, political parties, women political involvement


Glass wall is one of the gender exclusions that face women at work, this emerged with the beginning of the industrial revolution and the mass wave of women going out of their houses to work market, the activities and getting involved in fields and areas that were seized by men for a long time. This research is an endeavour to answer the question of: does glass wall exist? If so what makes it be? How does glass wall affects the women performance at work? The aim of this research is to address the affect on women by glass wall at work, for this matter the researcher has taken 16 5 samples from the research society, which is a total of the girls and women working in the Kurdish political parties in Sulaymani city, the samples are taken randomly in order to implement the field procedures. After processing the sampling form, the research reached at these conclusions: most of the samples’ age group was (50-41 ), they are married and hold Bachelor’s degree, most of the samples stress that most of their roles have become a glass wall in front of them that hinders them to reach their goals and reach the peak of the pyramid of their occupations, regarding the aftereffect of the glass wall on the performance of women at work and reaching a political high position. Regarding the mechanism of women facing these hidden and made up barriers which is called glass wall most of the samples stress that the political parties must work to eradicate sexual harassment which is prevailing in the political parties and deeply disturbed women, this has pushed away women from political work. One of the most important suggestions is that women and girls must be encouraged to get involved more in the political arena via participating them in the awareness courses regarding political parties, even raising awareness of families regarding women roles in political work, so they won’t be obstacles in front of them.