Achieving the Third Message in the Art of Placing by Muhammad Bin Adam Al-Rusta’i Al-Balki Al-Kurdi


  • Khdir Abdullah Khdir Department of Arabic Language, College of Basic Education, Raparin University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



the pronunciation, the situation, the subject


This research, which is in your hands, is an investigation and commentary on an ancient and valuable manuscript message in one of the sciences of the Arabic language, which is the science of placing, or the art of placing, as some call it. It was written and compiled by a scholar from the Kurdish and Islamic worlds of our nation, the famous scholar al-Nahrir in his time and Ibn his peers and the master in various arts, including the arts of language, the scholars: Muhammad ibn Adam al-Rusta’i al-Bali al-Kurdi) 11601160 AH 123123 7 AH corresponding to 1747 AD 182121 AD. The situation (and he divided it into a precise and comprehensive division into an introduction and six chapters with a conclusion, as he himself said, may God have mercy on him, in the beginning of his message) The third message in the art of placing and it contains an introduction, chapters and conclusion...) This science that seeks to explain the conditions of the Arabic word in terms of situation and its division To various and different sections of personal, specific, general, and specific, in the case of placing subjects and bodies, and so on, in which it was said: The position of the knowledge of the situation is high, so know by it the position of individuals and sentences... And the compiler defined this science and explained its subject, and purpose. As for the content of the chapters, as you can find in the letter, he mentioned, may God have mercy on him, in the first chapter: the division of the situation and the second chapter in the division of the subject, and the third chapter in a statement that the subject in any situation is a subject, and the fourth chapter It is possible to pay attention to the foregoing, and the fifth chapter contains the etymology, synonyms, and associations, and the sixth and last chapter mentions the truth and the metaphor, and after the chapters he wrote a supplement to the crisis and mentioned things in which he cannot do without mentioning them in the Al-Mulqam. And he used all of these terms that we mentioned above from an introduction, chapters, conclusion and others in the common sense in his time, which differ from our time and that this message as we saw it as a precious pearl in its chapter, and the author came in it with information, comments, suggestions and opinions, and touched on the benefits and features of the indispensable His message is useful information in a concise and useful way, and cites what he mentioned.