Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of Population Growth on The Labor Force and Unemployment in Iraq During the Period (1990 - 2020)


  • Sazan Amir Raouf Department of Economics, College of Administration and Economics, University of Sulaimani, Iraq



Population growth, labor force, unemployment, the Iraqi economy


The relationship between population growth and the labor force has become of great importance, as it affects development, because the high population growth that is accompanied by an increase in the numbers of the human force, which contributes to the high rate of unemployment as well as impeding the process of economic and social development, and from this point of view revolves the subject of the current study about Population growth and its impact on the labor force and unemployment. To achieve this, the standard analytical method was relied on using a set of models (CONNT INTEGER DATA, FMOLS), and in the end, a conclusion was reached, which is that population growth has a negative impact on the labor force and unemployment. Accordingly, it is necessary for the government and the concerned authorities to pay great attention to the issue of high population growth and to limit it.