The Role of Smartphone Applications in Activating Aitizen Journalism in the Kurdistan Region


  • Banaz Rasul Hama Amin Department of Media, College of Technical Adminstration, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Kawa Abdulraza Muhammad Department of Media, Technical Institute of Dukan, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Platform Technology, Applications, Smartphones, Scientific Field, Citizen Journalism


In this study, the researcher tries to find the relationships between social media applications and platforms such as platform technology, applications and smartphone apps, which have facilitated the emergence and played a role in the activation and development of citizen journalism in the Kurdistan Region. The research was conducted through a descriptive method through a survey by distributing ٢٠٠ forms among citizen journalism as the research example. which is filled out through ١4٧ forms, The impact of these technologies is surveyed through several issues, including: the use of smartphone applications, whether the use of applications is considered complementary to the process of producing media content, the relationship between )academic level( and the use of smartphone applications. The data on these issues were statistically analyzed. The results showed that the use of smartphone applications has played a role in activating citizen journalism by achieving )use it a lot( in )%6٠.٥( and the use of these applications has the criterion of )use it a lot( as an indicator of the completion of the media production process )%٨١.٣٣( and )%٢4.٠٥( in the field of )photography and publishing(, and )%١٥.٥١( in the field of )video editing and publishing( in smartphone applications, benefited. As academic level; bachelor’s degree holders scored the highest percentage )%4٣.٨٢(, followed by basic degree holders )%4.٠٨(. and the lowest, which explains that the higher the academic level, the better users can benefit from these applications. The recommendations of this study are to attract the attention of the media to this style of journalism and request the relevant parties to further promote them through courses, training, facilitation and confidence in citizen journalists.