Crises and opportunities for transformation in the Iraqi economy (1958 - 2021)


  • Nihad Khalid Department of Economics, College of Administration and Economics, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Khalid Hayder Abid Ali Department of Economics, College of Administration and Economics, University of Sulaimani, Iraq



Crises, Economic Transformation, Oil Rents, The Iraqi Economy


This research paper sheds light on the problematic that with every crisis there appears an opportunity for reform and transformation for the better. This has been proven by the experiences of many developing and developed countries, but why did the Iraqi economy not confirm this trend and this logic despite the many crises and the multiplicity of opportunities? And The aims research to shed light on the most important historical points of crises and the failure of the macroeconomic policy to shift from crises to building a more stable economic structure, and It concluded that Iraq, despite the accurate diagnostic analyzes during the economic notes on Iraq issued by international and local scientific institutions and bodies, it missed many and great opportunities before and after the 2003 occupation, and the failure of policies and mechanisms to transform crises into real development opportunities to build an economic structure that has the ability to Rapid response to crises, In this context, the research ended with recommendations, including the improvement of Iraq’s performance in the indicators of good governance, especially in the field of government effectiveness and good management, and reaching an acceptable level among the international and Arab community, and this requires the development of human capacities and the eradication of corruption from its roots and attention to the private sector as well, which can play A role in promoting diversification of revenue sources and increasing employment opportunities, by driving innovation and economic activity in untapped sectors and encouraging real competition in strategic and medium-term projects.