The Nature Relationship Between Journalists and Politicians and its impact on Objectivity


  • Barham Khalid Ahmed Department of Media, College of Humanities, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Relationship bewteen Journalists, Politicians Source, Objectivity


This study explores the relationship between journalists and their sources particularly the poli- tician’s news sources. The study attempts to highlight the nature relationship between that two parties. The journalist-politician interplay In Kurdistan region is questionable and complicated in consequence to public sphere in the region. The study’s finding is that there is a large degree of interplay between these parts, an outdome that strengthens the findings of previous research in this field. The conclusions are also support recent research arguing that the certain variables such as trust and common control governed this relationship as well as recognising the importance of professional norms journalist-politician. Additionally, both sides must keep the distance between them as they require manoeuvring space in which they can create and uphold a balance of power in the relationship to serve the professionalism values. The interplay between the two groups is motely uncharacteristic, both groups attempt to utilize other side to their interests.