The impact of cultural elite on public opinion formation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq


  • Hemn Arif Fatah Charmo University / College of Labor / Department / Oil, Gas and Energy Administration



Elite, Intellectual Elite, Public opinion, Kurdistan Region


The intellectual elite has an important position and a great interest in all societies, especially in the integrated societies and the developed societies globally, they are told the mind of society, and for this reason, this research is entitled (the influence of the intellectual elite on public opinion in the Kurdistan region- Iraq), this research is an attempt to define the intellectual elite in general and the intellectual elite in Kurdistan region in particular. The researcher wants to point out that the national duty and responsibility falls on these elite at different stage. Therefore, the aim of research is to determine the role, influence and interest of these elite on the Kurdish society, and also wants to determine the level of influence and ability of these elite on public opinion. At the same time, it tried to identify and clarify all the obstacles that have become an obstacle to these elite and the reasons for reducing their efficiency and activity in Kurdish society.
To answer the research questions, the researcher used a descriptive and analytical method, the descriptive method use to introduce the concepts and terms used in the research, as well as the analytical method for analyzing the acquired information. It is clear that the research community is Kurdistan region. In addition to the written and available sources, the researcher benefited from intellectuals and university professors by meeting with them, and here he reached to an conclusion : that the intellectual elite in Kurdistan region was not able to be at all required level in bad conditions, crises, political and social problems by affecting public opinion and proving its impact. On the one hand, this is a subjective reason and belongs to the Kurdish intellectuals themselves, and on the other hand, the political environment of the region is not an appropriate environment.