Family social responsibility in combating adolescent addiction to e-cigarettes


  • Sazan Mohammed Saeed Karim Department of Social Work – College of Humanities – Sulaimani University
  • Faraidoon Arif Saeed Department of Social Work – College of Humanities – Sulaimani University



family, social responsibility, addiction, sexual harassment, e-cigarettes


The main objective of this study is to understand the social responsibility of families towards the phenomenon of adolescent e-cigarette addiction. Emphasizing the importance of monitoring and accountability of parents as part of the social education process and efforts to prevent the possibility of being accustomed to inappropriate deviant behaviour holds Because the social environment in general and the family environment, in particular, have a great role and influence on individual thinking and behaviour. Adolescence, which is a sensitive stage, requires more parental supervision and accountability. Therefore, the importance of this study lies in presenting the role and importance of the family in the social responsibility of the next generation. For this purpose, the researcher has tried to reach out to the cases that exist among the students and conduct discussions and interviews with them, through the use of an ethnographic research strategy within the framework of qualitative method, ie putting Non-statistical presentation of results. During the case study, one of the obstacles faced by the researcher was to convince the students to interview and obtain information, because despite the prevalence of the phenomenon among adolescents, but still a sensitive behaviour they deal with. As the researcher noticed, students tried to avoid eye contact while vaping. As a result, the researcher was able to take 10 cases and use them as samples for the study. After analysing the data, it was found that most adolescents are familiar with the harms of e-cigarettes, and some parents find it normal for their children to vape. It also found that in most cases, one or more members of their family smoke cigarettes and hookahs and are largely unaware of the situation, that their adolescents learned to vape because of their friends and are not held accountable for how to spend the money they give their adolescents as daily expenses.