The problem of the curriculum and the study of theater in the Kurdistan Region


  • Farah Taha Darwish Department of Kindergarten - Sharazoor College of Education - Halabja University
  • Goran Mohammed Faqe Qadir Department of Kindergarten - Sharazoor College of Education - Halabja University



Program, Method, Study, Theater, Teaching


This research is divided into (the problematics of the curriculum and the study of the theater in the Kurdistan Region), through the methodological framework, the problem of research and the need for it, then the importance and objectives of research with the definition of terms, while the second chapter of the theoretical framework, determined by two sections , The first topic is, (The relationship between the technical and scientific approach in the study of the origins of theater), shows that any theater specialist whether director, actor, critic, he must take care of the practical and theoretical, through the books or workshops prepared for the training of the demobilized, and also prepare the application to be part of their tools for the application, and through the curriculum can the theater and student to apply to create scientific and technical results benefiting the institutes and colleges in the study of the theater, the second section went towards the theater as part of the environmental culture, And how to make it to be within the school curriculum, in order to give freedom of expression and understanding and entertainment to the student through the theater, also to make it belong to the place through the theater, because the world of theater gives a positive impact on the request, the second topic (the importance of education and education of the theater and its impact on schools), and then came out the research, including the framework of the theoretical framework, and through the research community and tools and samples of research, and then the results of the research and discussion and conclusions with recommendations and proposals, and margins, and then summary of research in English.