Kurdish literature in foreign languages as an alternative to Kurdish Language


  • Zahir Ismail Saeed Directory of Education in Ranyah
  • Rezan Salih Mawlood Department of Kurdish Language, Faculty of Education. University of Koya




national literature, national identit, comparative literature, language, culture


kurdish is one of those nations in thousand in its history doesnt have a unity language and independent part.that´s why kurdish literature and its language was under the effects of the colony countries.The Kurdish poets and and writes couldn´t write and describe their own feelings with thier own languages because of the colony countries.
Dividing kurds into four geographical parts (lraq,lran, Turkey and Syria) had effects on the kurdish poets and writers of those parts couldnt use kurdish language in their writings because of the threats and sansors. Even in those three parts(lran ,Syria and Turkey) writing and studying in kurdish was frobidden. Sometimes, The kurdish poets and writers faced jail and difficulty to get out of their homeland. Though it was difficult at that time to print their writings in Kurdish and mostly they denied to print their poems, So The kurdish poets and writers obligely they had written poems with the language of the colony countries. As a result، there was doubt the nationality of these literatures.
Sometimes world had effects on them.Without facing any troubles and difficulties the writers had written with foreign languages.They thought that if they only write with Kurdish,though only kurdish could know them in this limited area and it couldn´t reach foreign readers.therefore they wanted to write with foreign languages.