The opinions of Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Musannaf in his book Al-Dahih fi Sharh Al-Muharrar


  • Diyari Ahmed Kaka Hama Department of Fundamentals of Religion - Halabja University
  • Akram Bayez Muhammad Amin College of Islamic Sciences - Sulaymaniyah University



Abu Bakr al-Musannaf, prayer, weighting


This research aims to find out the most correct opinion on an important jurisprudential issue. In which the jurists differed, which is the reading of the follower of Surat Al-Fatihah in the aloud prayer, starting with the weighting of Sheikh Abi Bakr, the Kurdish workbook in it, and then bringing the doctrines of the jurists, and their evidence, and explaining the aspect of the evidence from it, by referring to the approved jurisprudential books that were contained in it, concluding with mentioning the opinion of the researcher towards this difference; based on the comparative method.
The research reached several results; Most notably: the obligation of the follower to read Surat Al-Fatihah in the silent prayer, and not to read it in the prayer out loud; Since he is commanded to listen to the imam, and there are no strokes for the imam in which the reading of Al-Fatihah can accommodate.
Keywords: Abu Ba